— Coworking 2019

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Kaufhaus Jandorf provides a new coworking space in Berlin Mitte. We propose large open surfaces with the opportunity for innovative work environments and a sustainable professional community.

We aim to spark creativity by redefining the workplace and by accommodating individual workflows. Diversifying office space allows for a new creative environment that meets the demand for dynamic and multifunctional usage.

We are creating flexible workspaces with high quality fit-out that allows for a new way of collaboration. 


Why Berlin?

Berlin is diverse and the backgrounds are mixed. The pace at which developments take place is breath taking. Also, it is where ideas find audiences and where listeners want to contribute and help. Berlin is open, it embraces change and constantly develops. It is the perfect set up for a pop-up department store.

Development and change, after all, that is what pop-up stands for.


Why Mitte?

Mitte is the creative centre of Berlin – where brands and fashion labels love to showcase innovations and new developments. It is a ground for ideas, where unorthodoxy finds interests and gets taken to the next level. Mitte surprises, inspires and is a ground for
innovation and change. 


Why Kaufhaus Jandorf?

Kaufhaus Jandorf’s history makes it the ideal location for a pop-up department store. In the 1920’s it already used to be a department store, just more old school. In the 60’s, in east germany, the building became famous as “House of the Fashion”. We feel it is now time to combine both characteristics - the history rooted deep in the building coupled with contemporary fashion and art to create a special experience.


GVG Kaufhaus Jandorf mbh & Co. KG

Co/ Hotel Excelsior Mannheimerstrasse 7-13

60239 Frankfurt, Germany

(UK) +44 7523387123

(DE) +49 15116217141